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The first flavour that I tried was apple and cinnamon jam and it was the tastiest thing on earth!  

And that’s where it all began

A zillion trials of the strangest of combinations of fruits and spices, an insane craving and a tad bit of innovation , led to the creation of Jar’ganic!


The Story of Every Jar


From branches to batches, - our sourcing. 

​At Jar’ganic, we strive to nurture our native produce. We handpick and source a variety of our indigenous produce from local farms and markets. We Carefully inspect all the fruits and vegetables that we acquire and after they tick all our boxes that deem it to be a quality produce, it is then time to convert these quality raw materials into quality goods.


From batches to bottles, i.e., processing 

​The seasonal fruits are processed with a few main ingredients, selected sweeteners and are free from preservatives and coloring - making it our healthier-versioned jam! But there is another secret to why our Jams are Amazing . Ever wondered why our mother’s and grandmother’s foods cannot be replicated even with the same recipe? Hint… Hint… it’s made with love! Just like our products!  After all, nothing beats the taste of carefully crafted food with the finest ingredients sourced from specific regions and utmost love.

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From the bottles to your bellies i.e customers.

We curate products That tingle every individual taste bud, Which will keep you wanting more. We cater to your expansive taste palette With our range of Jams and Pickles that make use of everything from tangy fruits to hot peppers and warm flavours. We’ve got it all. Our process is simple.Cut,Cook,Curate and Bottle with love!

The Hands behind  Jar'ganic

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